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As the supercharged model in the Saleen S302 model lineup, the 302 Yellow Label touts an incredible list of features in a single package. Keeping with the formula that Saleen uses to produce its instantly recognizable vehicles, the Yellow Label model adds to the value element through increased horsepower, handling and styling. Utilizing a 302 cubic inch V8 engine this pony produces 715HP through a twin screw supercharger that keeps power where it should be, on demand. In addition to increased horsepower, each Saleen Yellow label model also receives additional upgrades including Aerodynamics and Aesthetics, braking, and Saleen specific suspension components that all work together balancing out the ‘Speed, Science and Style’ trifecta that is embedded in each Saleen vehicle produced. As part of the Saleen manufacturing process, each vehicle is cataloged and serialized with its own unique Saleen VIN, a process that lends itself to the collectability and high resale values that Saleen vehicles have been known for over the past 30 years. Handling on the 302 Yellow Label model is maintained by the Saleen S4 bushings, links and specific-rate suspension springs with ground control being managed by the Saleen styled 20″ wheels and Z rated tires. Aerodynamics and Aesthetics on the 302 Yellow Label include a rear valance redesign which incorporates a S302 specific package consisting of a high downforce rear spoiler atop a Saleen decklid insert. Additional Saleen specific aesthetics include model specific interior and exterior badging, reinforcing the amazing lineage that makes up this Saleen vehicle. (Info courtesy of

Saleen Signature Series Powertrain
5.0L Ti-Vct V8 Engine @715HP/600ft/lbs., Engine Oil Cooler, Saleen PowerFlash High Performance Calibration,  Low pressure drop internal intercoolers, High Volume Intercooler Water Pump, Remote External Heat Exchanger, 54lb. Fuel Injectors, Cold Air  Induction w/High Flow Air Filter, High Performance Exhaust w/High Performance Mufflers, 6-Speed Manual Transmission, Quick-Throw Shifter

Saleen Signature Series S4 High Performance Suspension
Independent Rear Suspension, Vented 4-Wheel Disc Power Brakes, S4 Saleen Specific Rate Front & Rear Springs

Saleen 302 Mustang Exterior
Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips, Saleen Axial Front Grille, Saleen Grille Badge, Saleen Quarter Window Trim w/B-Pillar accent, Saleen High Down-Force Rear Wing

Saleen Signature Series Wheels & Tires
5 -Spoke Alloy Wheels Chrome w/20″ x 9″ (front) and 20″ x 9″ (rear) High Performance ZR Rated Tires

Saleen 302 Mustang Interior
Dash Plaque-Saleen Model & Vin Serialized, Floor Mats w/Saleen Embroidery, Saleen Signature White Face Gauges
Steering Wheel w/Saleen Center

*Saleen New Vehicle Limited Warranty*
3yr or 36,000 mile Basic Limited Coverage
3yr or 36,000 mile Powertrain Coverage
7yr or 70,000 mile Emission Coverage

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